Social Action: Unit 31 – Outcome 4

Unit 31 – Outcome 4

Recently we created the film Subjected to Happiness to raise awareness of mass media’s influence on the mind. The document aims to evaluate my own performance within the group, how effective the film was, and how we functioned as a team.

As the Director of Photography, my job was to ensure that the film looked the best that it could. Perfectionism is something that I’ve been afflicted with to the point where I will put myself off doing something because it won’t look exactly as it should, I had to work on this for my own development and to keep the ball rolling on set. To prepare for the film I drew some concept art of the butler’s costume, the jelly and Specimen #B1032 which gave us an idea of what props we needed to acquire. Thankfully, Jacob drew the storyboards up for the film which worked well, he possessed the vision of how the final film would be pieced together and even though they weren’t drawn in great detail, it came together perfectly. The lighting in our film was subtle enough and was complimented although if I had to approach pre-production again then I would definitely spend more time on a lighting plan to avoid experimenting too much on set, wasting precious time.

Group work is the only thing that matters in film making. If you can’t work together then the film won’t get made, that’s the bottom line. Kasia, Jacob, Simon and I worked very well together over all. The inevitable moments of panic and stress blew over leaving no marks and we managed to keep morale high throughout the production. In post-production we started to slack, putting less effort in than we should have to the sound and special effects. I’ve spoken to Sam and we both agreed that we’d like to revisit the film and re-do the After Effects work and the sound. A few comments were made about the film’s narrative being slightly incoherent, which it was. We fell into a common trap in filmmaking whereby you assume that the audience can make sense of your work just because you can. It’s important to get more perspective on the film from peers before it is properly released, however we were pushed for time so decided to put it out there regardless. It’s possible that the film wasn’t as fit for purpose as we intended it to be, we ended up making a very ‘artsy’ film that perhaps deviated from the brief, though it still carried elements of social action media. It would be important to stick to the brief more directly if this was a commissioned film to ensure that the customer was satisfied, but college is a time to experiment with different mediums; our exploration had its benefits.


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